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16th Feb 2005
Zytek Electric Lotus Elise goes on display

Zytek Electric Lotus Elise exhibited at Heritage Motor Centre


The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership AGM on February 10th saw the launch of the ‘Green by Design’ exhibition. The exhibition at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, brings together a host of motor manufacturers and looks at how cars affect our environment. This is the first time a permanent display has been made available to the public to show how cars have developed  and what the ‘green’ future holds for the next generation.


Zytek are proud that the Electric Lotus Elise, the first product of the Electric Vehicles Division back in 1998, is now part of the ‘Green by Design’ exhibition. The Zytek Electric Lotus Elise was constructed by Zytek using their own high-performance EV powertrain and control systems, and was one of SAE’s top ten technologies in 1998.


Secretary of State for Transport Alistair Darling launched the exhibition at the LowCVP AGM, which saw speakers representing Government, the motor and fuel industries and environmental organizations addressing the issue of how motoring in the 21st century needs to adapt to the challenge of climate change. Zytek played their part in the AGM with their own display stand, with Zytek employees available to discuss their role in the development of electric vehicle and hybrid technology and the plans for the future. Many people also took the opportunity to test drive Zytek’s smart EV and Parallel Hybrid Truck around the Heritage Motor Centre grounds.


The ‘Green by Design’ exhibition opened to the public on February 12th. For further information about the exhibition please visit:




If you are interested in learning more about the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership please visit:






 Photos from the LowCVP AGM and 'Green by Design' Exhibition



Zytek's Electric Lotus Elise on display at 'Green by Design'



Members of the motor industry and press admire the cars on display



Zytek staff on their stand at the LowCVP AGM




Zytek's Electric Lotus Elise at the entrance to the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon


Electre, Supercar Uses Closed-loop Cooling

Hethel, Norfolk, England

A prototype all-electric Lotus Elise, powered by two internal, oil-cooled, brushless dc motors, weighs just 875 kg. Simulations predict a 30-70 mph time of five seconds for the vehicle and a range of 120 miles.

Made by Zytek Automotive Ltd., the motors are mounted on lightweight aluminum single-ratio Zytek gearboxes. Each weighs 13 kg. and the two together produce a total of 200 bhp (brake horsepower), or 150 kW. A closed-loop, presurized cooling system for the motors employs a comventional transformer oil that flows through slots in the stator laminations, and over the windings. This approach removes heat produced in the stator winding by FR losses. Zytek claims the motor is the first production EV motor to use this technique to cool critical components.

Power for the motors comes from a 300 V nickel cadmium battery pack. Engineers selected nickel cadmium technology to ensure steady voltage throughout most of the discharge cycle. Recharge to 95% capacity will require 60 minutes. An electroic control system made by Zytek coordinates all power-related functions and provides both regenerative braking and traction control.

Vehicle running gear, bodywork, and the extruded and bonded aluninum chassis are retained from the starndard Elise. In the future, passenger compartment heating will be provided using heat from the motor cooling oil, which is cooled by the starndard Elise radiator.